About us

First of all, on behalf of the Overcoming Difficulty Fund (ODF), we would like to thank you for your support in sustaining our Overcoming Difficulty Scholarship (ODS). The scholarship by itself is of great importance in assisting students in difficult situations to overcome their challenges and pursue their chosen path in life.
Quỹ Vượt Khó, đồng hành với "Sinh Viên Vượt Khó"Quỹ Vượt Khó, đồng hành với "Sinh Viên Vượt Khó"Over years the ODS has made valuable contributions to support students in their struggle to maintain their studies either at the secondary or tertiary education. As a result of your benevolence, these students were able to complete their schooling, starting their desired jobs and, in turn, coming back to support the next generation.

We are delighted to share with you the following feedback from Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, a student in class CS05 who received the grant in her thanking letter. Her letter is a great source of encouragement to us all since these words are truly the testimony of the meaningful act to transform young peoples’ lives.

“This is not the first time I have attended the Scholarship Awards Ceremony but today is such a special day for me. It might not be impressively held in a large room with colorful decoration; in fact, it was in a laboratory room where all of us, students in the Faculty of Biology, are so familiar with. But the atmosphere is so special and warm inside, you can feel the excitement of attendees as the event becomes something more than just a scholarship awarding ceremony. I internally realise that receiving this grant is not only getting the money but the affection from the philanthropists. With that in mind, I come to understand my responsibility. I must live up to the expectations of those who have been so generous to me, and do my best in response to their care and support. I know from my heart I must be the next generation to carry on this legacy into the future.

The grant actually eased the hardship I’ve been through but more importantly, it gives me hopes and encouragement that I can achieve my dreams. I start to believe now I will be as successful as you, my benefactors, and in my turn, I will support others. The idea happens to cross my mind “ What if in the future I find myself in the similar ceremony in a different role?”

It is known that ODS is unable to solve all problems students in difficult situations face, however, we believe that with the support of our contributors, teachers and former students, we can make a difference. As Dung states in her letter, it is not just the money that means something to them, it is the affection from you that gives them the encouragement and belief in themselves. We hope teachers, former students and all of us continue our mission in maintaining and expanding this fund to improve the lives of financially challenged students. 

You can make your contribution through your bank with the following banking details:
• Account Name: Quỹ Vượt Khó
• Account holder : Nguyễn Du Sanh, Head of Biology Faculty, University of Science, HCMC
• Ngô Thi Hoa, Clinical Research, Oxford University, Nhiet Doi  Hospital HCMC