The life of a student at university can be very hard. This is especially true for those coming from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds. Not only they are under high pressures of paper dues and assignments,  they also have to manage financially to cover their study costs and living expenses which often leads to many of them working part-time jobs while struggling with their schooling responsibilities. They have to exert their last efforts to survive and to gain the ticket to a better life.

Ban Điều Hành QVK - năm 2006Ban Điều Hành QVK - năm 2006A group of students from the SH92-93 class at the University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City who have been through all of these hardships worked together to support students who are struggling financially. Helping young students reminds them of the time when they sat in the lecturing hall wandering how to afford the basics – clothing and food, repressing the nostalgia they had for their families and racking their brain on how to collect money for the upcoming tuition.

Empathy with these struggling students urged them to take concrete actions by communicating back with the faculties and peers to create a fund. In 2006 the “Overcoming Difficulties Fund” was established with aims to ease the burden from students in difficult circumstances. The founders were committed to supporting these students financially, socially and emotionally. They understood that shortcomings were temporary and with strong will and continuous assistance, these students would be able to achieve academic attainments and realize their dreams as scientists and specialists.

The initial idea was conceptualized by a small group former students of classes SH92 and SH93 and it was greatly appreciated by other groups and faculties, it gained momentum and becomes the current ODF.